Torrium Controller - North America

Torrium Controller - North America
Davey Torrium premium pump controllers for perfect, even pressure.

Torrium®2 is an intelligent controller designed to supply pressure boosted water with constant flow and even water pressure to domestic households.

It incorporates several levels of pump protection including:

  • Constant Flow and Even Water Pressure to prevent annoying fluctuations in water temperature during showers. Its innovative pressure and flow sensors start the pump on a pressure drop and to stop it on low flow to avoid pump cycling when there is continuing household demand for water.
  • Quick Cut-in for Even Pressure gives you strong pressure right from the start with the pump quickly recognising a demand for water. It does this with its adaptive starting that is smart enough to recognise the difference between normal water demand and a small leak in the system, such as a dripping faucet or a leaking cistern. 
  • Pressure Indicator Window gives a quick guide to the system pressure. If the colour band (green-yellow-red) is mainly green it indicates maximum pressure, whereas mainly red indicates low pressure helping to identify cases of unwanted system leaks. 
  • Dry Run Protection and Auto Restart protects the pump from damage due to dry running in a situation of no water supply. This can occur when a water tank is empty or there is some other interuption to supply. To reduce system downtime, the Torrium®2 waits 5 minutes then goes into auto retry mode, whereby it will restart the pump to see if prime can be re-established automatically. An auto restart occurs at 5 minutes and in set intervals thereafter and will also restart if it detects flow through the system (e.g. from mains water pressure returning with pressure boosting applications).
  • Power Surge Protection for your Torrium®2 to protect from from electrical surges and spikes, thus extending its life. The in-built metal oxide varistor (MOV) is a sacrificial component designed to protect from repeated power surges or spikes however is not an ongoing guarantee but a good indicator should the pump go out of service.

Refer the technical datasheet for the full list of features of our Davey Torrium2 smart pump controller.


Documents below are available for download

• Torrium Datasheet - North America

Davey Torrium premium pump controllers for perfect, even pressure.
TypeRecommended Pump Shut-off HeadMaximum System PressureMax Flow RateVoltage
TT45Y/USA 22 to 65 psi 100 psi 52 gpm 110V
TT70Y/USA 65 to 100 psi 100 psi 52 gpm 110V
TT70P/USA 65 to 100 psi 100 psi 52 gpm 220-230V