ECO-matic COMM Commercial Salt Chlorinators

ECO-matic COMM Commercial Salt Chlorinators

Davey Commercial Salt Water Sanitisers for commercial pool applications



  • Public Pools
  • Resort Pools
  • Hotel Pools
  • Swim School Pools
  • Large Aquatic Centre Pools


The  perfect  swimming  pool  requires  crystal  clear  water  at  all  times.  Traditional water sanitation by way of chlorine chemicals involves risks in production, transport, handling and storage. This traditional sanitation process can be greatly improved by using the EcoMatic® Commercial Salt Chlorination an alternative, extremely effective and convenient system based on electrolysis of common salt.


The most important argument in favour of in line salt water electrolysis is the high quality of water obtained as well as the operating savings that can be achieved in the longer term. Mildly salted water is a natural antiseptic, which inhibits bacterial growth and is particularly pleasant for bathers. Additional advantages both operational and financial, justify the increasing popularity of the EcoMatic Commercial System.


EcoMatic Commercial Chlorinators primarily consist of a single phase power supply, control panel and an electrolytic cell. Safety features include a water flow control system (flow switch/pressure switch), gas detector, high temperature sensor and low conductivity indicator with protective shutdown.


Operating features include electronic system protection and variable cell output control. The system is simple to install and operate on both new and existing pools.


WHY CHOOSE THE Davey ECO-matic™ Commercial Salt Water Chlorinator?

  • Effective Disinfection - 24/7 chlorine production effectively eliminates bacteria, algae and chloramines
  • High Water Quality - No red eyes, dry itchy skin or chlorine smell. Mildly salted water inhibits bacteria growth and is pleasant for bathers
  • Simple to Use - Fully automatic and simple to use with programmable timers and visual monitors showing chlorine output, conductivity and temperature
  • Safe - Safety is ensured with complete electronic monitoring of flow and pressure, gas levels, temperature and low conductivity with protective shutdown
  • Economical - Operating costs of a salt water chlorinator can be much lower than using chlorine chemicals
  • Reduced Maintenance - ECO-matic features an electronically controlled self-cleaning cell system

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Davey Commercial Salt Water Sanitisers for commercial pool applications

Model No.Output (g/hr)Output (lb/day)Salinity (ppm)Flow (lpm)Flow (gpm)
M4900USA 120 7.12 4500 - 6000 200 - 400 53 - 105
M4901USA 240 12.70 4500 - 6000 400 - 800 105 - 211
M4902USA 400 21.20 4500 - 6000 650 - 1300 172 - 343