Davey Wins - GUD Safety Awards

Published on 8/09/2015


Davey warehouse recognised in GUD Health & Safety Awards

After many months of ongoing work – aimed at both process improvement and Health & Safety awareness - the warehouse at Scoresby has been recognised in the Annual GUD Health & Safety Awards, winning the ‘best safety initiative at team level’ award and receiving $5,000 to spend on a workplace health and safety initiative of their choosing.

“This initiative, whilst delivering quantifiable safety improvements for the warehouse area through a 75% reduction in pedestrian traffic and a range of physical, process and procedural improvements, has – possibly more importantly – illustrated the value of a broad team working together to deliver an outcome beyond what any of the team thought possible, and in the process creating a significant shift in the safety culture from ‘dobbing in’ to ‘taking care of your mates’,” said Davey Chief Executive David Worley.

Production Manager Clinton Harvie agrees. “Employees who were not comfortable raising issues before now do so openly and the warehouse team have better control over their work area without the stress of constant concern about people and forklifts interacting. On top of this, the rest of the business has learnt to respect the risks in the warehouse area with forklifts moving about and act accordingly.”

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