Davey Through The Decades

Published on 10/12/2015

Davey Water Products was established in 1934 and over the past 80 years the business has grown from a one man operation to an international water products company exporting to more than 50 countries worldwide.


1940s - 1950s

Davey in the 1950's

Davey is a manufacturer of DC and AC electric motor generating equipment and is an emergency power equipment innovator with the introduction of air volume control pressure tanks.



Davey 1960's

Mini jets / maxi jets water pressure systems emerged with rubber tank diaphragms.

Mid 60’s Davey commenced manufacture of engine driven self-priming pumps in lightweight aluminium – this was the first of the Davey Firefighter® pumps.


1970's dynaflo

Enter the Davey Dynaflo - the world’s first plastic moulded water transfer pump with a close-coupled electric motor. 

1970 first firefighter

Single stage Firefighter® introduction was revolutionised by the use of pressure die cast aluminium pump components. The same technology is still used today. Introduction of injection moulded plastic pump components. 


late 1970's dynajet

Late1970s the Dynajet was born. It was the first plastic moulded water pressure system pump. Low cost, corrosion proof and lightweight pressure tanks.


davey shallow well

1985 saw the introduction of the shallow well and deep well pressure system jet pumps which were designed with a composite aluminium / plastic pump casing. Lower cost, no corrosion and lightweight.




Released in 1990, the XP range of Water Pressure Systems emerged with integral small tank, better efficiency and a revolutionary electronic control device called the Hydrascan - to overcome short cycling and incorporating Loss of Prime protection. 

first twin firefighter

In 1993 the first Twin Impeller Firefighter® was introduced – providing more pressure and more choice with a greater range of engines from 5.5HP – 13HP.


Early 2000s

celsior spa bath pump 2002

2002 the Celsior Spa Bath Pump was introduced with a water-cooled motor with the unique benefits of quieter running, having less vibration and heat recovery technology. 


5 series firefighter

In 2004 the 5 series single stage Firefighter was released with 4-way outlet, patented clamped impellers and thrust balancing rings.


Mid 2000s

Between 2004 and 2006 Davey made a number of acquisitions in Australia, New Zealand and Europe which broadened Davey’s technology footprint.


 5 series firefighter twin

In 2005, the 5-series twin impeller model was released with outstanding self-priming capacity.



In 2005, the first Torrium controller entered the market, replacing the Hydrascan. Electronic pump control, with Loss of Prime protection and built in accumulator meant no separate pressure tank was required.


 original rainbank

In 2006, Davey were the pioneers of Rainwater Harvesting with the development of RainBank, using off the shelf components to create the smartest rainwater-harvesting device on the market.


 silensor pool pump

In 2007, the Silensor pump with water-cooled electric motor was launched; providing quieter and more energy efficient operation. The Silensor received an Australian Design Award.



In 2010, the Torrium 2 was released with upgraded operational features including a pressure indicator, surge protection window and simplified user interface.


 EVOII Tankworks

In 2012 the Davey EVOII rainwater harvesting controller in a tank was released.



 New ProMatic Salt Chlorinator                  SilensorPro Variable Speed Pool Pump

In 2015 Davey released two NEW and innovative products.  

  • The ProMatic Salt Water Chlorinator incorporating self-wiper technology.
  • Davey's first fully variable speed SilensorPro pool pump - the water jacket technology and super quiet motor is rated to a low 50dB and offers significant savings on operating costs of up to 70% when compared to traditional fixed speed, fan cooled pool pumps.

Watch this space for many more exciting and innovative developments to come.

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