Out & About with Davey - Issue 3, Jan-Feb 2018 Published on 27/02/2018

Welcome To The Jan/Feb 2018 Edition of Out & About with Davey

Out & About with Davey - Issue 2, November 2017 Published on 20/11/2017

Welcome To The November Edition of Out & About with Davey - Released Monthly

Out & About with Davey - Issue 1, October 2017 Published on 6/10/2017

Welcome to the first issue of our new company newsletter, Out & About with Davey - Released monthly.

USA ENERGY STAR CERTIFIED Published on 3/02/2016

Davey SilensorPro recently received USA Energy Star Certification. How can you save on your pool's running costs?

Are You Wild Fire Ready? Published on 17/12/2015

A fire plan is the first step to ensuring you are on the way to being wild fire ready.  The next is to ensure you and your equipment are prepared for the season. Read on for some tips to include as part of your preparation.

Quality Control Published on 17/12/2015

Testing and quality control is paramount to Davey to ensure you get the product that you paid for. At Davey the promise of reliability is core to what we do and what we build our reputation on.

Davey Through The Decades Published on 10/12/2015

A short history of Davey's innovative product development since we were founded in Australia in 1934.

Davey Wins - GUD Safety Awards Published on 8/09/2015

GUD takes workplace health and safety seriously and recently held it's Annual Safety Awards acknowledging positive safety initiatives at a business, team and individual level. Watch this video to find out how the team at Davey have improved their processes and won $5,000 to put towards further safety initiatives.

Davey is part of the GUD Group comprising of other key brands including Sunbeam, Dexion, Oates, Lock Focus, Wesfil, Ryco, Goss & Narva Automotive.

Get Ready For Emissions Standards Published on 25/06/2015

Emissions standards for non-road engines look like becoming a reality in Australia in mid-2016.  The proposed Australia standard mirrors the de facto world standard  USA EPA 2012.  

By 2016 Australia will be sixteen years behind the USA, and we lag Canada, Europe, Japan, India.   We are running five years behind even China, who regulated on 2011.  

The good news is that Davey's range of petrol engines sold with our industry leading range of Davey FireFighter®, already comply with the existing European and US emissions regulations.

Note:  An update article on the implementation of this proposal can be found in the Aug-Sept 2015 edition of Power Equipment Australasia - Click here to read the update.

NEW pH Dosing Pump For the Davey Pool Range Published on 17/12/2014

NEW to the Davey pool range is a ph peristaltic pump and control, used to automatically dose and maintain safe acid levels in residential swimming pools.  

The units can be used in combination with a range of Davey salt water chlorinators as well as other brands of chlorinator.  

The range includes options to suit Australian and International models!

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