Proven All Over The World

When you buy a Davey be rest assured that it has been proven in Australia but also in many other countries around the world.  Operating in some of the world’s toughest environments,  this influences our design, engineering and manufacturing to provide you with the reliability you can expect in Australia. 

Davey exports to over 50 countries, that's pool expertise you can benefit from at home.

Davey have pool equipment including pumps, filters and salt water chlorinators operating in vastly different climatic conditions; from above the Arctic Circle in Norway with their extreme sub-temperatures, to the 50 degree heat of the Middle East. Davey pool equipment even deals with packed bather loads in some of the largest hotels on the Las Vegas strip!

One of these hotels is the MGM Grand, the third largest hotel in the world; the location where Oceans 11 was filmed and where Prince Harry has been known to let his hair down….  With a pool capacity of 2 million litres, the water is kept sparkling clean with the assistance of a bank of Davey commercial salt water chlorinators.  Delivering huge operational savings and reducing maintenance risk over chlorine dosing, salt water chlorination also reduces chloramines commonly present in a super chlorinated environment that not only feels bad on your skin, but is known to be carcinogenic.

The Mirage in Las Vegas, the Mandarin Oriental in Kuala Lumpur, the Piscine Hotel Meridian in Tahiti and the Shangri La Hotel in Pudong China - Other leading hotels around the world who also rely on Davey Salt water chlorination to keep their pool looking pristine.

This same expertise lies behind our extensive domestic salt water chlorination range that includes the Davey Chloromatic with systems delivering up to 50g/hr. Offering  exceptional performance at a value price point, selection is simple and installation can easily be arranged through our  accredited pool dealer network.  


Davey Firefighter, locally made, loved worldwide

Davey Firefighters are sold to over 30 different locations worldwide, one of which is Inner Mongolia,  that borders China. They choose the Davey for the same reason Aussie farmers do – their class leading performance and ultimate reliability, even though they cost three times as much as the locally available Chinese copies.

The secret to the success of the Davey design is our patented wet end that offers superior real life performance in a suction lift and delivers more water further out, to where it’s needed. It has a host of design features to ensure a long service life as well as quality pull or electric start, petrol or diesel engines up to 391CC, that are designed to operate in our harsh conditions.

The Firefighter range provides the choice of the high flow single stage models or the high pressure two stage models with three or four way discharge options.  They are also great as a portable pump for general water transfer all year round, or for agricultural spraying, with Viton seals factory fitted as an optional extra. 

Another of our major customers  in France is a preferred supplier to UNICEF, where our diesel powered Davey Firefighter is the product of choice to deal with the myriad of trouble spots in which they operate.

The bottom line is; if conditions are tough,  your water is a problem and if everything is on the line, then you can’t go past the very best.


Davey reliability in the Middle East

Throughout Qatar in the Middle East with daily temperatures reaching as high as 50°C, thousands of Davey water pressure pumps operate without a hitch, day in, day out.  Unlike many other European brands that are rated at 40°C, Davey water pressure systems are specifically designed and engineered to handle these higher temperatures.  We achieve this specification by putting more copper wire into our motors, allowing them to run cooler and therefore better handle these hot conditions.  Even if you are not in the Middle East, cooler running means a longer service life and that’s useful where ever you are.