ECO-matic ESC Max Salt Chlorinators

ECO-matic ESC Max Salt Chlorinators

Davey commercial salt water sanitiser system for large residential or commercial pool applications.

The Davey ECO-matic ESCMax range of salt water sanitizer systems are part of the complete range of Davey salt water chlorinators. Designed and engineered in Australia for small to large residential pools, community and commercial pools to resort and aquatic center installations. Davey can provide the right equipment to suit.


The Davey ESCMax is the perfect solution for large residential pools or smaller public and commercial installations.


Why choose the Davey ECO-matic ESCMax Light Commercial Sanitization System?

  • High output models for large residential, small to medium sized resort pools, public pools and swim schools.
  • Robust power supply and cabinet for heavy duty applications and long service life.
  • User-friendly controls for simple set up and operation.
  • Large, high flow rate cell to deal with higher water flows.
  • Self cleaning reverse polarity cell designed for high output and long service life.
  • Lockable cabinet with convenient window, protects control panel and prevents unauthorised access.
  • LED indicators to display cell production, ‘Low Salt’ and ‘No Flow’.
  • Reliable and dependable design for your peace of mind.
  • Safe For Your Bathers. No need to store and handle pool chemicals. No chlorine odours and irritations to the skin, eyes or nose.
  • Bather Comfort. The mildly salty water is soft in feel and touch, therapeutic and beneficial to the body. Bathers will love the difference.
  • Cost Effective. Minimise the need to continually buy expensive chlorine chemicals. Uses salt which is more affordable and readily available.
  • User-Friendly. Sanitization is automatic and eliminates manual chemical dosing. Your pool will remain sanitized even while you are away.
  • Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) Connectivity - Enables direct connection to Chlorine or ORP analyser, such that the chlorine set point can be maintained.
  • Optional 50/60Hz pH monitoring and peristaltic pump available

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Davey commercial salt water sanitiser system for large residential or commercial pool applications.

Model No.OutputSalinityMinimum Flow
M4920USA 53 g/hr 4000 - 6000ppm >45 gpm
M4921USA 106 g/hr 4000 - 6000ppm >63 gpm



 Pool Temperature




Model No. Maximum Pool Guidelines (US Gallons)
M4920USA 211,000 145,000 129,000
M4921USA 423,000 304,000 277,000