BIT Cistern Pressurisation Pump Torrium2

BIT Cistern Pressurisation Pump Torrium2

Davey BIT with Torrium2 cistern pressurizing pumps for use with tank water.

The Davey tank water boosting BIT Series system comprises of a robust, compact, centrifugal pump with an intelligent Torrium2 water pressure controller to supply pressure boosted water with constant flow and even pressure to domestic households. The Torrium2 incorporates multiple levels of pump and motor protection.



Ideal for pumping clean, clear water in such applications as:-

  • Homes where tank water pressure is inadequate
  • From underground or surface water supplies
  • Automatic water transfer
  • Applications where the pump may have an interrupted water supply
  • Domestic and light industrial irrigation


Why choose the Davey BIT Home Pressure System?

Water Pressure System

  • The Davey BIT booster pressure system consists of a robust centrifugal pump fitted with the intelligent Davey Torrium2 water pressure controller to deliver boosted water pressure to your home or other application. 
  • Consumers can enjoy strong and seemingly constant water pressure due to Torrium2’s constant flow operation.
  • Due to large water pathways, Torrium2 operates with a lower head loss than comparable water pressure controllers to provide superior hydraulic performance with less wasted energy.

Torrium2 Controller Offers:

  • Pressure Boosting 
  • Constant Flow and Even Water Pressure
  • Quick Cut-in for Even Pressure 
  • Adaptive Starting
  • Easy Status Check
  • Pressure Indicator Window
  • Greater Hydraulic Performance
  • Greater Reliability
  • Dry Run Protection & Auto Restart
  • Pump Protection – High Water Temperature Cut-out
  • Pump Protection – Excessive Electrical Current
  • Corrosion & Scale Resistance
  • Extra Draw off Capacity
  • Power Surge Protection for Torrium2
  • Ease of Installation - vertical or right angle discharge outlet, rotable a full 360°
  • Power Cable - 6ft power cord with standard NEMA power plug

Documents below are available for download

• Torrium Datasheet - North America

Davey BIT with Torrium2 cistern pressurizing pumps for use with tank water.


  Model No.  Max Flow Rate  Max Pressure
BT14-30 14gpm 60psi
BIT20-30 20 gpm 50psi
BIT14-45 14 gpm 40psi
BIT20-40 20gpm 20psi
BIT30-30 40gpm 50psi